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Our Team

We are BIWOC (Black, Indigenous, Women of Color) leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators who reimagine STEAM education for all.

Dr. Imène Ghernati

Imène Ghernati (إيمان غرناطي) is the founder of the STEAM Learning Institute. She has over 30 years of education experience preparing students, teachers, and leaders for diverse classrooms. A former veterinarian and scientist, she has spent the past 15 years in urban education in the Bay Area. She is also the co-founder of the Summer Academy Program, a partnership between Gateway Schools and the University of San Francisco, where she directed the program for two years and started a Makerspace. Imène is from the Algerian Diaspora and has lived in the Bay area since 2008. She is the proud mother of two multicultural boys.

Dr. Linda Hall
Board Secretary

Raised in Madrid, Linda came to California to attend Veterinary School. She is the current owner of Peninsula Avenue Veterinary Clinic in San Mateo, CA. She offers personalized wellness care such as exams, vaccinations, microchips, health certificates. Also treat allergies, skin conditions, ear infections, flea control, The hospital includes a very large surgical suite for orthopedic surgeries such as cruciate tears or fractures as well as soft tissue surgeries.

Lekeshia Hicks
Board Chair

Lekeshia bring 20+ years' experience in HR operations, people analytics, organizational development, scaling people initiatives, adult learning, project management, talent acquisition, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI). Strategic, innovative Human Capital expert with Outstanding consultative partner leveraging DEI technology solutions and
business acumen with a demonstrated ability to operate on the strategic level. Proven track record in enhancing
organizational inclusivity and cultural sensitivity across multiple global locations. Fluency in federal, corporate,
and non-profit arenas with industrial focus on barrier analysis, workforce analytics, and qualitative evaluation.

Maria Ciane Lactao
UX Designer Volunteer

Maria brings her passion for design to the STEAM Learning Institute. She applies inclusive design principles to our offerings.

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