STEAM Learning Institute
We envision a world where all learners have equitable access to the emergent power and potential of Liberatory STEAM* education.
*STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics or Science for teams.

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The course is designed to provide the foundations for liberatory STEAM Education by learning to center STEAM identity as a form of healing and collective thriving. We focus on empowering educators with tools that liberate them from structural forms of oppression. Through examples and approaches prioritizing their well-being, educators will explore creative ways to teach culturally responsive STEAM in their classrooms.

We believe

In the need for ‘alternative’ ways of engaging in STEAM Education. We offer ways of building relationships and conversing with educators, communities, families, and youths while diving into the processes that allow us to notice that there are other ways of knowing and doing STEAM Education.

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What we do

The STEAM Learning Institute is a collaborative research initiative dedicated to fostering equitable STEAM Education. Through innovative approaches, we redefine the concept of togetherness, creating a vibrant communal space that nurtures relationships, facilitates resource sharing, and offers comprehensive support and training to educators, whether individually or as part of a team.

At our core, we facilitate meaningful conversations, foster trans-disciplinary relationships, and organize impactful events to drive systemic ecological changes. Through our comprehensive training programs, we delve into the realms of equitable access to STEAM learning, nurturing emergent and regenerative practices, and cultivating diverse ways of knowing.

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This free guide is for K-12 educators, K-12 administrators, and educational communities seeking recommendations for creating inclusive, equitable, and accessible STEAM spaces from the ground up.

Insights and Learnings


How Makerspace Can Foster Community, Inclusion & Belonging In 21st Century’s Classroom
Designing a space where all students feel they belong has the potential to restore hope in building communities that foster relationships between all people by learning to have conversations across differences.
June 6, 2023
Fostering Community, Inclusion & Belonging in STEAM Classroom
We need to design STEAM culture for inclusion and social change because when diverse people come together in an interdisciplinary way, it makes our world much more creative, regenerative, and brighter.
June 6, 2023

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