We’re a group of creative thinkers who believe in the transforming power of STEAM Education for all.

Science, Math, Engineering, Art, and Technology (STEAM) is part of our everyday life. Yet, access to high-quality STEAM has become limited to only a minority of students and families. We believe that STEAM, when done well, has the ability to draw out our inner curiosity, be relevant and rigorous, and promote the critical thinking skills that serve children across subject areas and throughout their lives. Through our STEAM program, we co-design education possibilities with educators, community partners, and students.

Our Services

We co-design and tailor our workshops to your needs. Our last convening was in Liberatory Design for belonging and inclusion.
On-site/Online Training
We train educators or provide direct services to families, communities, and schools: Liberatory STEAM Education training, maker space creation, engineering, and Liberatory design in STEAM are just examples.
Experiential Curriculum
Our curriculum is hands-on, equitable, and co-designed with educators. We are STEAM researchers,  community partners, and lifelong learners.
Our community is what gives us strength and joy. We collect data and develop resources to address different needs to provide equitable STEAM education. We love place-based STEAM.
Educational Fieldtrips
We love authentic learning, and we tailor meaningful field trips to museums, nature, parks and local communities.
Liberatory STEAM education
The goal of the Liberatory Design framework is to show that everybody is a designer–, including students in a school– in order to foster community, inclusion, and belonging.

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